The Manic Miner


2390 SOLS/S Equihash

Nvidia GTX 1070 cards

Manic Miner GUI lifetime licence

High end NZXT customized case

Best in class GPU miner

$600 per month anticipated return

7TH Jan 2018 My "Frankenstein Monster"

this badboy may look a bit bizarre, but this 5 card AMD "Frankenstein build" is putting out 120 MH/s on ethash.


6TH Jan 2018 Life is a pyramid scheme

this Stan Larimer said in this video interview with Terry Brock that "For every winner who is currently gaining in crypto, someone is losing"


6TH Jan 2018 Whats the opposite of a Moon coin?

An interesting peek at some of the failed coin projects out there: -


5TH Jan 2018 Boldly going where no altcoin has gone before.

IoT chain (ITC) is tanking currently on coinmarketcap, down from $5 - $3 . So I bought a tonne more. Here's why: -


4TH Jan 2018 Is Iota at the races?

They have a saying in Texas to describe someone who is all talk and little action, "all hat and no cattle"


4TH Jan 2018 Crypto's "Superman III" problem

You remember Superman III from the 1980's? The one where Richard Pryor plays the hapless "Gus Gorman" 


4TH Jan 2018 A coin that'll go at least *3 soon

SONM (SNM) is a coin currently languishing in the doldrums of the second page of Coinmarketcap, unloved and unwanted.