The Manic Miner


2390 SOLS/S Equihash

Nvidia GTX 1070 cards

Manic Miner GUI lifetime licence

High end NZXT customized case

Best in class GPU miner

$600 per month anticipated return

Who will win the battle for Directed Acyclic Graph? COULD IT BE THIS OUTSIDER?

Remember when Neo was the "Ethereum of China". Neo hasn't really lived up to that initial promise More....

2nd Jan 2018Potential to-the-moon coin offer a low cost Fiat gateway AND CURRENTLY HAVE SEVERAL PRODUCTS. More......

30th Dec 2017 Altcoin pick of the week

This coin is undervalued currently, has an excellent application, cool branding and team and most importantly IS SET TO TRANSITION FROM PAGE 2 TO PAGE 1 ON COINMARKETCAP. More.......

29th Dec 2017 Just one of the reasons mining crypto is awesome

As the ancient chinese proverb goes, the best way to get cryptocurrency is to make it yourself. ;-) more......

29th Dec 2017 ICO picks for January

Trawling through ICOs, most of them are awful. For every OMG, there are a dozen "La-La worlds", "Te-foods" and "bitnations". Once in a while however you'll get a couple of gems. More......

29th Dec 2017 Bitcoin turd

For anyone keeping an eye on all of the forks of Bitcoin, here is a list of past and present. More......

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